Meet Chrissie Bentley


Chrissie Bentley… is the author of more than a dozen novels and collections, including The Nympho Librarian—described by the Paris Review as a book that leads “library sex fantasy [into] an apocalyptic period”; Tonight at 8, a semi-fictional account of the late 1960s London porn industry acclaimed as “the closest we’ll ever get to the truth” by; Miss America: A BDSM Vampire Tale; and The Girl in the Doorway, a captivating examination of life and sex among America’s urban homeless.

Chrissie’s short fiction has appeared in almost forty anthologies, published by Mischief Books, Cleis Press, XCite Books, Mojocastle Press, Black Lace and many more; in addition, she has contributed to such leading collections as the genre-defining Best Women’s Erotica, and titles edited by Violet Blue, Rachel Kramer Bussel and others.  Chrissie herself was editor of XCite Book’s oral sex anthology The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss.

Chrissie lives in the wildest wilds of the Delmarva Peninsula, with three cats, a vintage gramophone collection and a serious case of Anglophilia.


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