Interview (Eva’s Spanking, May 2010)

I’ve just been interviewed over at one of my favorite sites,  Here’s a few highlights from the article, and you can read more here

Q.      What was your first job?

The fate of all college students – waitressing.

Q.      If you could start your life again – what if anything would you do differently?

I wouldn’t have waited so long to start writing erotica! I was thirty when I wrote my first story, in 2003, and before I even finished it, I felt like I’d “come home.”

 Q.      What sexual subjects are your favourites to write about?

Oral sex is poetry to me, particularly giving it. Physically and emotionally, it’s a subject that never fails to inspire me; in fact, I was talking about this with a friend a while back, that if I’d had any sense, I’d have written down my impressions of every blowjob I’ve ever given, because every one of them could be a story.

 Q.      Who has had the most influence in your life?

A difficult question, but probably the first boy I ever sucked off. I’d been wanting to do it ever since I first read about it (in a “dirty book” I found in a used bookstore when I was very young), and when it finally happened, it was even more fun than I’d ever expected. But I’ve often thought, if I’d hated it, I wouldn’t be writing the stories I do! I’ve written any number of “first time” stories that are based around that evening!

 Q.      What are your hobbies?

I collect vintage erotica – old postcards and magazines, films, books, anything. It’s surprising once you dig into it just how much has been produced over the years – I have over a thousand stag films, for instance. The only problem is, the hobby has moved very overground in recent years, and it’s become a lot harder to find interesting material at affordable prices, but thankfully there’s also a lot of reprinting going on, DVD collections of rare movies, and so on.

 Q.      Do you have a favourite quote?

“I promise I won’t come in your mouth.” That one makes me laugh every time I hear it, because I know it’s a promise I won’t let him keep.

 Q.      Can you describe an embarrassing moment?

Funnily enough, your website reminded me of one. I mentioned to a boyfriend once that I’d like him to slap me, especially if I’m not doing something “right.” I don’t know what I was expecting him to do, or when, but I’d gone down on him and he was about to come, when suddenly he said “suck it harder,” or something like that, and smacked my ass really hard – and it took me so much by surprise that I kind of shrieked and bit down at the same time. He was in so much pain that I thought for a moment we’d have to go to the Emergency Room. And that would have been even more embarrassing!


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