Interview (Everynight Erotica, November 2010)

Hop on over to Everynight Erotica if you get the chance, to read an interview with me… and lots more besides.

The subject was the newly published The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss, but we wandered onto other topics too and, when you’re done reading that, the rest of the site has some amazing moments too.

Just to whet your appetites, though…

Interview with Chrissie BentleyBy smartypnts1 | Published: November 3, 2010

Hello Chrissie – thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

1. What do you think makes a GREAT erotic story?

It must be believable, it must be detailed, but most of all, it must be written in such a way that you could see it happening to you – regardless of the story’s setting, historical or geographical.

2. Tell us more about “The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss” and what inspired this anthology.

Some of my own favorite stories to write are “first time” oral sex – partly, as I say in the introduction, because I think it is just as important a cherry-popping as the more traditional one, but also because it’s fun.  I was just wondering one day whether other people felt the same way about it, so I put out the call and was delighted to discover that the answer was yes.”

3. Do you have a favourite story within the anthology?

That’s a tricky one – they’re all favorites in a way, otherwise I wouldn’t have included them.  But the ones I direct people to first are the poems; we have two poets included in the book, Jenny Swallows and BL Morticia, and they both have very different approaches to verse… in fact, if Jenny reads this, she’ll kill me for even calling her a poet.  But between them, they remind us of the sheer power of the simplest words and sentiments, and just how important they are in this field.

4. Who, in your mind, is begging to be written next? Tell us more about what we can expect to come from Chrissie Bentley?

I have a story appearing in the upcoming (2011) edition of Best Women’s Erotica, which I’m absolutely thrilled about.  I’m also putting the finishing touches to what could be called a semi-fictional biography of a woman who was working in the blue movies industry in London in the mid-late 1960s, which has been fascinating, both to write and to research.  The porn film industry as we know it was very much in its infancy at that time, but there is a beauty and dignity to those short little black-and-white movies that modern film simply cannot approach.

 5. Do you have a routine or ritual that you do to keep motivated to continue writing?

No, apart from not worrying about it if a few months pass between writing stories… I know there’ll be another one along sooner or later.

6. What is your favourite sexual position?

Tee-hee… guess!

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