Inside the Library

An index of my novels, anthologies and collections

Astoundin’ Erotica (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

An Anthology of Erotic Storytelling (seven volumes) (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

1: What I Did on my Summer Vacation & Other Stories

2: Below Blue London & Other Stories

3: Miss America (A BDSM Vampire Tale) & Other Stories

4: Victorian Values: The Amorous Adventures of the Alternative Sherlock Holmes)

5: Billy-Joe’s Motorbike & Other Stories

6: Tonight at 8 (Behind the Scenes…) & Other Stories

7: The Girl in the Doorway & Other Stories

Ambrose Horne – the Erotic Adventures (by Chrissie Bentley – Xcite Books)

Ambrose Horne – the Erotic Memoirs (by Chrissie Bentley – Xcite Books)

Ambrose Horne – the Erotic Return (by Chrissie Bentley – Xcite Books)

At Your Mercy (anthology – Mischief Books)

The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss (anthology edited by Chrissie Bentley – Xcite Books)

Below Blue London (by Chrissie Bentley – Mojocastle Press/Createspace)

Best Women’s Erotica 2011 (anthology – Cleis Press)

Black and White and Blue: Adult Cinema from the Victorian Age to the VCR (by Dave Thompson, introduction by Chrissie Bentley – ECW Press)

Boy Fun (anthology – Xcite Books)

The Complete Ambrose Horne (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

Cocktales – All Night Long (anthology – Xcite Books)

Cocktales – Between The Sheets (anthology – Xcite Books)

Cocktales – Screaming Orgasm (anthology – Xcite Books)

Cocktales – Sex on the Beach (anthology – Xcite Books)

Confessions: Tales of Female Misbehaviour (anthology – Mischief Books)

Cougar: An Erotica Collection (anthology – Mischief Books)

Cousin Tom’s Motorbike & Other Stories (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

Don’t Forget To Breathe (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

Exposure: Those Who Love to Watch and Be Watched (anthology – Mischief Books)

The First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology (anthology – Riverdale Avenue Books)

Gay Lovers (anthology – Xcite Books)

The Girl in the Doorway (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

Girls Girls Girls: Guy Free Fun – see Ladies Who Lust

Goddesses of the Silver Screen Coloring Book (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

Going Down (anthology – Cleis Press)

Holiday Affairs (anthology – Mischief Books)

Improper Conduct (anthology – Mischief Books)

Jamaica – What I Did On My Summer Vacation 2 (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

Jenny Swallows – The First Time & 59 Other Magical Minutes (by Jenny Swallows – Createspace)

Ladies Who Lust (previously published as Girls Girls Girls) (anthology – Mischief Books)

Love on the Battlefield (anthology – Xcite Books)

The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotica (anthology – Robinson Books)

Misbehaviour (anthology – Black Lace Books)

Misbehaviour / Ungezogen (German language edition)

Miss America (by Chrissie Bentley – Erotic Excursions) – see Miss America: a BDSM Vampire Tale

Miss America: a BDSM Vampire Tale (previously published as Miss America) (by Chrissie Bentley – Create Space)

My Boyfriend’s Boyfriends: Greedy Girl Stories (anthology – Mischief Books)

My Secret Life: What Only I Know (anthology – Mischief Books)

Naughty Miranda (by Chrissie Bentley – Forbidden Publications) – see Prime Time Nympho

The Nympho Librarian & Other Stories (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

One Night Only (anthology – Cleis Press)

Paranormal Erotica (anthology – Mischief Books)

Prime Time Nympho (previously published as Naughty Miranda) (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

Road Head: Torrid Tales of Sex in the Front Seat (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

Sand and Steel (anthology – Xcite Books)

Sex and the Stranger: A Collection of Casual Fun (anthology – Mischief Books)

Shameful Thrills: Girls Who Should Know Better (anthology – Mischief Books)

Soho by Spotlight (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace) – see Tonight at 8

Submission: A Treasury of Women Who Like to Give In (anthology – Mischief Books)

Three Nuns and a Motorcycle (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

Tonight at 8 (previously published as Soho By Spotlight) (by Chrissie Bentley – Createspace)

Ultimate Uniforms (anthology – Xcite Books)

Underworlds: Tales of Paranormal Lust (anthology – Mischief Books)

Ungezogen (German language) (see Misbehaviour anthology)

The Visitor – Vampire Erotica (anthology – Mischief Books)

What I Did On My Summer Vacation (by Chrissie Bentley – Mardi Gras Press/Createspace)

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