At Your Mercy

At_Your_Mercy.325x465My short story “When The Lights Go Out” appears in the anthology At Your Mercy: Tales of Domination (Mischief Books)

Restraint, bondage, corporal punishment, domination and submission: thrilling encounters and the kinkiest pleasures. An erotica collection with new short stories from Chrissie Bentley, Primula Bond, Penny Birch, Valerie Grey, Rachel Kramer Bussel, and Sommer Marsden.

Penny loses at cards and her forfeit is to become the slave of Edmund and his friends for a day …

When Jessie can’t pay her bill in a restaurant, the owner devises a unique payment plan …

Annabel’s reputation as an ice maiden only thaws when a daring barman dares to light her fuse …


Available here


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