Best Women’s Erotica, 2011

First, can I just say that I am thrilled beyond words by the inclusion of my story “Pictures Of Lilly” in Women’s Best Erotica 2011, edited by Violet Blue and including the series’ usual round-up of the finest female erotica writers around…

One of whom is me!

The story of four teenaged girls who find their way, week after week, into the confines of a rather “exclusive” movie house, “Pictures Of Lilly” is also a slice of personal autobiography about that moment when fantasy and longing is suddenly confronted with the reality of a sex act that I’d been dreaming about since I first heard about it.  Shot through with my love for what I believe remains the greatest porn film ever made, the immortal Sexorcist Devils.

Eighteen stories pack this book to bursting, eighteen authors with some amazing tales to tell.  You can buy your copy from all the usual places… Amazon among them, of course… and… did I mention that I’m thrilled beyond words?

My own favorite stories in the collection sum up the book’s range and variety.  Giselle Renard’s “Rainbow Night” adds some vivid color to one of the modern world’s most exotic urban sex legends.  Velvet Moore‘s “Picture Me Naked” is sheer exhibitionism run riot.  Kirsty Logan’s “Sealskin” oozed mist and mystery.  Both Louisa Harte and Janine Ashbless made me crave ice cream like you wouldn’t believe.  And Alison Tyler’s “Want” is simply breathtaking, a long tease that sent me scurrying back to Amazon to pick up as many of her other writings as my beleagured holiday season credit card could withstand.

Meanwhile, movie buffs might care to learn that “Pictures of Lilly” was inspired by the first XXX movie I ever saw, Sexorcist Devil (aka Undressed to Kill), starring Lily Lamarr as the most beautiful, brilliant cock sucker you have ever seen.  Released around 1974, following the success of the mainstream The Exorcist, Sexorcist Devil probably wouldn’t win any prizes for scripting, acting, dialogue… but Lily makes up for all of that, and here’s some screen shots to prove it.



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