Prime Time Nympho

Imagecurrently out of print

It is more than twenty years since Miranda Bradley first walked into our evening television viewing, the butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth girl-next-door who captured our hearts in her first ever role, and has retained her hold on them ever since.Living a life without scandal or mishap, or any of the behind-the-scenes shockers that habitually shake the image of her small-screen contemporaries, Bradley was long ago dubbed the Virgin Queen by the tabloids.

But the time has come to puree that purity – and who better to flick the switch than Bradley herself? In other words, butter still wouldn’t melt in her mouth. But her men always do.


TCM REVIEWS: In an age when erotic literature is either driving hard for mainstream respectability, or following its movie cousin’s dive into ever more extreme scenarios and brutality, Chrissie Bentley’s Naughty Miranda arrives to remind us that sometimes, erotica is just that erotic. Vividly so. Presented as the autobiography of a (presumably) fictional primetime TV star, a teenaged rival to the Jump Street and 90210 hits of the early 1990s, Naughty Miranda details the behind the scenes love life of its titular star, as she chafes against her TV role’s portrayal of herself as the ultimate all-American good girl. And it is no exaggeration to say that every chapter packs in more exquisite sexuality than many erotic novels muster over the course of their full length.

chrissie naughty miranda
Erotic Excursions edition, August 2009 (out of print)
Forbidden Publications edition, published November 2007 (out of print)

“Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth,” insists the book’s jacket, “but her men do,” and that should serve as ample description of Miranda’s sexual forte, as it plays out in exquisite (but never repetitive) fashion again and again. Whether hitch-hiking home after a disastrous vacation, playing Scrabble with her scriptwriter, or even attending her local book club, Naughty Miranda locates the sexual possibilities in every situation, then explores them in vivacious detail. Bentley writes from the hip, and pulls no punches. There is no fluffy romance to confuse Miranda’s motives, and no flowery analogies to disguise her intentions. She is just a girl who enjoys sex, and out of her enjoyment emerges one of the most deliciously explicit novels of the year so far.

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