One Night Only

One Night OnlyMy short story “Let Sleeping Dogs Come” is included in Violet Blue’s collection One Night Only (Cleis Press).

Do You Really Want to Play by the Rules?

A furtive make-out session in a movie theater or parked car. The stranger in a café who turned your dials and, miraculously, zeroed in on you, too: Did you go at it like animals behind a locked door…

Or was that only in your mind?

One Night Only is a collection of the most delightful, the dirtiest and the wildest fantasies edited by the one and only Violet Blue. Alison Tyler’s hot rooftop hook-up will have you “Seeing Stars,” and it’s lust at first sight between Emerald’s “City Girl” and a hunky cowboy. Always surprising, often wildly romantic, these stories of one night stands will get your juices flowing and inspire your own tales of love, lust and fantasy.

With contributed stories by Alison Tyler, Kev Henley, Emerald, May Deva, Cynthia Hamilton, Chrissie Bentley, Donna George Storey, Jan Darby, Heidi Champa, Daniel Burnell, D.L. King, Kristina Wright, Thomas S. Roche, Austin Stevens, Lily K. Cho, N.T. Morley, I.G. Frederick, Abby Abbot, and Rachel Kramer Bussel.



“Passion and lust play by different rules in One Night Only. These are stories about what happens when we have just that one opportunity to ask for what we want—and we take it. You’ll find your thirst for unplanned new experiences quenched in these pages. Enjoy the adventure. You have one night and One Night Only.” —Violet Blue

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