Interview (Jenny Swallows at, 2008)

An interview from early 2008, from the website. Thanks to Shuggie for asking such great questions.

Shuggie:>Thanks for doing the interview with us, I’m going to jump in and ask you what most people want to know.

Question: First tell us something about yourself, like name, age, and some other things we would like to know about you…Let’s call it a short bio.

Jenny: Well, my name’s Jenny, I’m 26, and I work in the library system here in Texas. I’m 5’3″, dark brown hair, small T&A, but I like to think I make the most of what I’ve got.

Question: What are you wearing right now?

Jenny: a Cowboys shirt belonging to an ex-boyfriend, a pair of ratty old jeans and sneakers. Not my best look, I’m afraid, but it’s comfortable.

Question: What do you like the most about writing erotic poetry? Have you ever considered writing a story? And if so what would it be about?

Jenny: That’s one of the questions I get asked the most – would I write a story? The short answer is “no.” The long answer is “never.” What I love about verse is that it allows me to deliver very powerful points and images very quickly, without worrying about dialogue, motivation, believe-ability, and all those other things that a story needs, and that I couldn’t sustain to my own satisfaction. It’s just me and him (or occasionally her), we’ve got the preliminaries over with, now let me tell you what I’m feeling, sensing, tasting, doing.

Question: Does your spouse or significant other know you write, and if so, what does he/she think?

Jenny: I think most of my friends know about it, especially since I started posting the occasional verse on my Myspace page. Boyfriends tend to laugh. From reading some of the other interviews here, I get the impression that partners can feel threatened by erotic stories, especially if the story involves something that hasn’t taken place in their own love life. But most of us have made up dirty limericks and verses at some point, so it’s not such a big deal.

Question: Is it difficult for you to keep your writing life separate from your professional life?

Jenny: There’s really nothing to separate. I’ll often while away a boring day at work scribbling verses on scraps of paper, and a few of my co-workers have even become very adept at helping me out with rhymes!

Question: How did you come up with your ES nickname?

Jenny: I looked on my birth certificate and there it was.

Question: What brought you to What made you want to stay and become a part of it?

Jenny: One of the other writers, Naughty Miranda, and I had been writing back and forth to one another for a while, I fell in love with her stories a couple of years back, I just adore her attitude towards life and sex and everything else. Then one day I sent her a verse based on one of her stories and she asked if I had any more… yes, dozens! She encouraged me to start posting them, and the enthusiasm of the readers has kept me coming back ever since.

Question: We have noticed that you have posted a picture on your profile, is it really you? What made you choose that picture? And how would you feel knowing that thousands may be fantasising about being the guy in the picture?

Jenny: Oh dear. Yes, that’s me, back in my college days. A boyfriend had just bought a camcorder and we were messing around with it, and one thing led to another. So I had this little movie just gathering dust on my computer, and after I’d posted a few poems and started to get a response from readers, I thought what the hell? I found this idiot proof software that let me do freeze frames and started posting them on my profile. As for guys fantasizing… well, you have to feel honored, don’t you? And a little bit excited as well. Jerk away guys!

Question: What is your favorite part of your body? Why?

Jenny: Right now it’s my ass because we just came out of the holidays and it didn’t put on a single pound, no matter how much I ate.

Question: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?

Jenny: I have a bit of a short temper; I tend to speak before I’ve thought everything through, so maybe that. Boyfriends would probably suggest something else, though… how self-analytical do you want me to be here? My big joke with a few girlfriends is that I’m actually a celibate lesbian who loves sucking cock.

Question: Boxers v Briefs? / Panties v Thong?

Jenny: whatever I grab first thing in the morning.

Question: What’s the question you’ve always wanted to be asked, but have never been asked?

Jenny: There’s a woman I used to work with, she was absolutely gorgeous, and her husband was, too. I would dream of her coming up to me and asking me to teach her how to blow him. But she never did. In fact, she could probably have taught me a trick or two.

Question: What do you like the most about writing erotic poetry?

Jenny: From a personal point of view, I love being able to recreate memories, emotions and scenes that mean a lot to me. Being able to share them with other people is a bonus that I never expected, but I enjoy it very much. The interaction with readers was another surprise; it’s the most wonderful feeling, on the days I post a new verse, to go online and find my mailbox filled with e-mails from people who I now regard as old friends, even though I’ve never actually met any of them.

Question: How long have you been writing now? How did it all get started and what made you write your first story/poem?

Jenny: I was the girl at school who would spend English lessons composing limericks. I’ve always loved verse, and especially rhyme and rhythm, all of my childhood journals are in verse, and I won a few poetry competitions as a teenager, although my writing was very different in those days! “My life is dark and filled with gloom / because someone locked the lonely room / and took away my razor blades / until I smile some far off day.” That sort of stuff. Yuk. As far as erotic writing goes, that also grew out of my journals. Of the verses I’ve posted here, ‘Tell It All to Mary Lou’. is more or less the first one I ever wrote, about the first experience I ever had, and it sat in my journal for years.‘First Taste of Love’. and ‘You Always remember The First Time.’. are also very early efforts. Actually, before we go any further, can I let you into a secret? I hate poetry. I really do. I always try to refer to my efforts as “verse,” because that’s what it is. Poetry for me is that dreadfully po-faced nonsense that rambles on very seriously for pages on end without ever actually getting to the point. I know, because I used to do it. What I write now, I think, is more in the tradition of people like Edward Lear or Hilaire Belloc… just fun rhymes for people to play around with. An ES writer once described me as “the Dr Seuss of erotica,” and that kept me smiling for weeks!

Question: What categories are most of your poems in? Is there a particular reason for this category? What kind would you never write?

Jenny: The vast majority are on the oral sex section, because for me, that IS poetry.

Question: Which poem is your personal favorite, the one you enjoyed writing the most, and/or the one that holds the best memories or feelings for you?

Jenny: ‘Mirror Mirror’. holds some very special memories, as anyone who has ever shared the experience would probably agree. And I do have a soft spot for ‘Tell It All to Mary Lou’. simply because we all hold our first times close to our hearts. Or I hope we do, anyway! Another one I like is ‘My Best Friend Said’. which I wrote after a conversation with …surprise… my best friend. It astonished me that a girl wouldn’t want to go down on her boyfriend, not even out of curiosity, let alone desire, so when I got home that night I wrote everything but the last verse – and about a week later, she happened to mention that she’d actually done it. She wasn’t sure she loved the experience, but at least she wasn’t frightened of it any more. So then I wrote ‘You don’t know me, but’. I don’t think she ever took that one to heart, though.

Question: Have you ever gotten so turned on while writing that you have had to stop to masturbate? What poem was it?

Jenny: I never have… they’re really not long enough for that!

Question: Do you write from fantasy or true stories or a combination of both? Please explain or give an example.

Jenny: As I’ve already said, my verses are all rooted in reality, and very real memories. Even the most mundane experience – and we’ve all had a few of those! – will have at least a brief sparkle of magic that I can hold onto and write about.

Question: Are the characters in your poems based on real people, did you make them up, or are they a combination of both?

Jenny: All real, all the time. Although I may change the occasional name or initial. Something I find interesting, however, is the way people perceive that. For example, ‘One Magic Minute’. talks to a guy who cannot sustain an erection for more than a minute, and tells him how much I love knowing that he’s going to come as soon as I put my lips around his cock, because it lets me know how excited I make him. Which is true. But then some idiot wrote to me and says “you’re such a hardcore cocksucker, I’m having a hard time believing that you don’t care if you can suck a cock for 1 min or 10 min,” and gave me a vote to match. Which is fine, he’s entitled to his opinion. But I have an even harder time believing he’s gone through life without a woman ever faking an orgasm, or telling him it doesn’t matter on those nights when he can’t get it up, because that amounts to much the same thing.

Question: What parts of “Yourself” do you put into your characters?

Jenny: All of me. These are my thoughts, my dreams, my hungers, my wishes. Anything less would be dishonest.

Question: If there was one trait you could take from one of your characters in your stories, and put it in place in your real life, what would it be and why?

Jenny: A never-ending succession of erect penises? No, not really. It makes me laugh reading some of the mail I get, people seem to be under the impression that I spend my entire life having sexual encounters and then writing about them – when, in fact, a single blowjob could (and has) inspire half a dozen verses.

Question: How long does it take for you to write a complete poem? How does the process go?

Jenny: Unless I really get stuck for a rhyme, it doesn’t take long to write the verse; I spend longer rereading it, making sure I’m happy with the rhythm, that the lines scan, and that the imagery is as powerful as it needs to be. There again,‘Customer Service’. was written and posted within 15 minutes of the actual event, so it depends upon my mood and inspiration.

Question: How do you come up with your poem titles?

Jenny: They usually just leap out of a single line, or the overall concept

Question: What is the hardest part of writing a poem?

Jenny: Finding multiple rhymes for “scrotum” and “throat”… in fact, I once wound up rhyming them together, and it remains the single most atrocious couplet I’ve ever written – “Want to see you in my throat/Watch my chin as it taps your scrote.” I can’t believe I even thought of that, let alone published it. ‘Mirror Mirror’. again.

Question: Have you ever done research for a part of a story you didn’t have any knowledge about or maybe for a sex scene?

Jenny: Never. Although I may have taken a few refresher courses!

Question: Have you ever set any of your verses to music?

Jenny: I haven’t, but I’d love that to happen… a few people have pointed out to me that some of my verses really do have a traditional song structure – verse chorus middle eight etc. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a musical bone in my body, so far as composing a melody goes, But if anyone out there does, and wants to give it a go, I’d love to hear what you come up with!

Question: If a movie was ever made of one of your poems, which poem would you want it to be, and who would play the lead characters? would you be willing to play one of the characters?

Jenny: A very short movie! A stag film, maybe? It would have to be ‘Customer Service’. as it’s one of the very few to have anything approaching a plot. David Tennant could play the cable guy, and I’d have to play myself. Can you imagine blowing Doctor Who?

Question: Dream date. If you had the chance to have a date with any person (actor, actress or celebrity) who would it be with? how would it start? how would it end? how would they rate you in bed?

Jenny: Just one date? That’s not fair, there’s so many. And most of them are female. I’m addicted to cute women on BBC America, so Maid Marion from Robin Hood, and Gwen from Torchwood. Summer Glau is SO hot, as well. But no, it would have to be Drew Barrymore. It would start in the shower, it would end in a vat of soft, warm mud, and she would rate me so high that she’d never look at another Hollywood stud again.

Question: Romantic escape. If you had a chance to take your significant other anywhere? where would it be? and how would you make it a break that they would never forget?

Jenny: I want to make love in an ancient British stone circle at sunrise on midsummer’s morning.

Question: what best defines your life? fancy restaurant with champagne and roses or cuddles up on the sofa with a video and bottle of wine? something else?

Jenny: Sofa, videos, wine and a big gloopy pizza.

Question: Do you have any secret poems you don’t want to publish for the public? Do you publish your poems on other sites besides and if so, why? Have you ever been published on paper?

Jenny: Secret poems! I’m just trying to imagine what I could write that I wouldn’t want anyone else to see. Apart from some of the rubbish I was writing in my early teens, before I realized that verse didn’t all need to be gloomy self-analytical diatribes against the human condition. So no. I’ve not published elsewhere on line, either, because I really don’t see the need to. offers me all the outlet and support I need. But I did self-publish a few 24 page chapbooks a few years ago, which I sold mail order, and some of my verse that will be appearing in an oral sex anthology that Chrissie Bentley (aka Naughty Miranda) is putting together.

Question: When you receive negative comments do you just ignore them, build from them, or let it put a negative image over the story itself, and let it hinder your writing?

Jenny: For the most part, the only truly negative comments I receive are from people who don’t think verse should be allowed on the site. I’ve had one or two people point out that a rhyme is a little weak, or a rhythm stumbles, and they’re usually correct. And there’s the one I mentioned earlier, which was just sad. But being told I’m a stupid bitch because I posted my lousy stinking poems on a site called “erotic stories” just makes me smile. The funny thing is, some of my nastiest critics in that vein have been fellow ES authors, which I find really ugly because they, of all people, should know how hurtful blind, unreasoning hatred can feel. If you have a valid criticism about my writing or even my theme, fine. But if the only reason I’m a filthy slut is because you don’t like poetry, then I hope you choke on your next masturbatory fantasy. Can we move onto another topic, please?

Question: Do you also enjoy reading erotic stories? Which categories do you enjoy the most? Do you like true stories or fantasies?

Jenny: Love them! I would say the category I enjoy most is oral, but there really aren’t many people posting there… I don’t know why. Come on people, where are you all? So I spend most of my time in One-on-One, with occasional sidesteps into First Times.

Question: Do you vote on other author’s stories? How do you decide what score to give when you do?

Jenny: I always vote if I read a story to its end, and will usually give it an 8 or 9 (or 10), depending upon how much of the writer I thought actually made it onto the page. I really don’t like the “and then I did this, then she did that” stories, I like to know how and why things happen, and what was going through the characters’ minds at the time. So my decision to vote will reflect that.

Question: Do you send other author’s comments or feedback on their stories?

Jenny: Only if I feel I have something constructive to say, or if a story really bowled me over and I just want to say thank you.

Question: Do you have a favorite author on ES? What makes them your favorite?

Jenny: Naughty Miranda isn’t simply my favorite author on ES, she’s one of my favorite modern writer’s full stop. Such a wide range of expression, a terrific vocabulary, an amazing imagination. I’d love to see what would happen if she turned her hand to mainstream fiction, I think she’d be huge. Although the last time I suggested that to her, she sent back a very rude limerick!

Question: Collaboration? would you like to write with another author on this site? if so Who? and what would the story be about?

Jenny: I think I’d find it very difficult to collaborate on a simple verse. What we do, take alternate lines? Alternate rhymes?

Question: I see that you are one of the agony aunts for the forum on the website, firstly could you explain what it is? how did this come about? and do you enjoy the role of being an agony aunt?

Jenny: The Agony Aunt forum was, I believe, Naughty Miranda’s idea, although I think most female writers on the site will tell you how a large portion of the mail we receive is from readers asking questions about different aspects of sexuality. And sometimes, we’re just not able to answer them. Her idea was for a bunch of us to pool our knowledge and experience, so when a question came through, it wouldn’t matter what it was about, one of us would be able to handle it.

Question: What is it like to discuss some of the more grittier side of sex as an agony aunt? Do you enjoy working with the other agony aunts? what do you feel you all bring to this project? and do you think the readers will get to see a side of you that they don’t through your poetry?

Jenny: Well, the great thing is, if a question really doesn’t appeal, I don’t have to answer it, because I know one of the other girls will. I think we all have experience in different areas, be it strictly sexual, or things like age, experience, orientation, all the different things that come over in our individual writings – Kristen S has very different style and attitudes to Shygirl who is different to Cum Girl who is different to Naughty Miranda… on paper, you might say Miranda and I are the closest in spirit, in that we both write a lot about oral sex, but even there, there are differences. And I’m loving it. Okay, there’s the occasional question (or response) where you read it and go “are you fucking kidding me?”, but between the five of us, and a handful of other people like authors and readers, who make regular postings, I don’t think there’s many subjects that won’t get at least a handful of helpful responses. As for people seeing a side of me that doesn’t come through my verses… hmm, how about the fact that I can write with a certain tact, and don’t lapse into rhyme every second line? Which, of course, I just contradicted with that last sentence. Sorry!

Question: When you read a story do you: A. Touch yourself and come around the same time one of the characters do? B. Touch yourself but wait for the end to come? C. Touch yourself but wait until after you finish the story to come, such as after going to bed? D. Not touch yourself until you are finished and then continue thinking about the story and come? E. Any other variation you may do? (Please tell us what it is)

Jenny: It depends on the story. There’s a couple by Swampvenus that I probably still haven’t finished reading, I get so hot and bothered by them. So ABCD for her. Naughty Miranda hits the As and Bs on a regular basis as well, with the occasional E thrown in for luck… get dressed, get a man, get laid. Easy. And Kristen S, who could take you through the complete alphabet, and you’ll still be wriggling around on the floor when you get to Z.

Question: Do you enjoy the visual side of erotica, as in porn movies or pictures? If so, do you have any favorites?

Jenny: I adore old porn, I’d love to stumble upon a hidden cache of 80s amateur VHS tapes. Black and white stag films are fun, Naughty Miranda turned me onto those, pointed me towards a few DVD collections, and I’ll just put one of those on while I’m cleaning, or making dinner, and I’m happy as can be. Modern porn leaves me cold, the actors are just so unbelievable these days, and really not very attractive either. If I’m sucking a cock, I don’t want to look up and see him pulling He Man Meets Masters of The Universe faces at me, just as I doubt whether he’d want to see me screwing up my face, sticking out my lips and sounding like I’m taking a dump. It reminds me of when I used to take my Barbie and Ken dolls and pretend they were boyfriend/girlfriend, doing things to one another that… well, they really weren’t equipped to do such things, but I had a very vivid imagination. I remember my mother asking me why my Barbie always went to sleep with her face buried in Ken’s lap, and I told her Ken liked it better that way. Now I’m older, I know why.

Question: Do you remember the first pornography you ever saw? Tell us about it?

Jenny: What, apart from Barbie and Ken? Probably a Playboy or Hustler at high school. I saw my first porn movies at college, of course, the usual collection of Debbie Loves Dallas, Deep Throat, Insatiable… at the time, they were fairly eye-opening, but I was already somewhat active by that time, so I picked up a few ideas for scenarios, but that was about it. Marilyn Chambers getting eaten on a pool table is an image that remained with me for a long time…

Question: Have you ever participated in erotic photography? If so, please tell us about it. If not, would you rather be the photographed or the photographer? would you participate in video?

Jenny: I’ve got a couple of photos from when my college bf’s roommate surprised us by coming home early and quietly, which I only found out about later. But the only thing I’ve deliberately done in that direction is the little movie I told you about earlier. I’ve never been a committed exhibitionist, so I could never do it on a regular basis, but once in a while it’s fun to show off for the camera.

Question: I noticed that you have used an explicit picture on your profile, is this one of many that you have? would you ever consider doing a few shots like Jennifer O for this website? and if so how would you feel knowing that men could look at your profile and read your poems at the same time?

Jenny: I think I’ve already answered that one?

Question: What do you wear to bed? Do you dress for sex? or go to bed au natural ?

Jenny: au natural, I’m afraid. Dressing up is fine, but not if you only have to take it all off again a few minutes later.

Question: Does your sex life and writing have any correlation with each other?

Jenny: 100% 110%. For me, the great joy of my writing is that it records either specific moments of my life, or specific moods and fantasies. A purely fictional poem would be a little like telling a lie.

Question: is there anything that you have written about in a poem that you would love to try in real life? if so what ? and why?

Jenny: some of the f/f fantasies I’ve described, I wouldn’t say no to them. Especially if Drew Barrymore was in the room. But, in a way, I prefer to keep them as fantasies, because there’s nothing hotter than going out at night, holding one of them in my mind, and wondering whether tonight will be the night?

Question: How would you rate your willingness to try new things in bed?

Jenny: how “new”? Fairly high, I’d say, although if it’s going to happen, I’d rather he just came out and asked… or even demanded. So many guys operate under this peculiar belief that, as women, we need to be protected from the harsher, dirtier side of sex, and refuse to just come out and say what they want to do. Especially if it’s something different. I don’t understand that at all. You want to just turn around sometimes and remind them, “hey dude, I’ve just had your cock down my throat and your cum came out of my nose. Do you really think you’re going to shock me now?”

Question: What’s the kinkiest thing you have done in your life?

Jenny: er… a girlfriend and I at college, we got very drunk one night, and started arguing about whether it’s physically possible to shoot ping-pong balls out of your pussy. So we detoured past the games room and when we got back to my room, we pulled down our panties and tried. And no, it didn’t work.

Question: What wouldn’t you consider doing (bearing in mind site rules,) where would you draw the line at? what wouldn’t you entertain at all?

Jenny: Well, anything that contravenes the site rules for a start… animals, incest, minors, and rape. No thank you. I don’t enjoy anal, I don’t play with piss and shit, I’m not into beatings and abuse, and I don’t enjoy really huge dicks. Sorry fellahs. No drugging, either. Hmmm, maybe I do need protecting from naughty suggestions, after all.

Question: Do you put you partner’s preferences first? Your own? or a combination of both? how far would you go to please your partner sexually?

Jenny: There’s been a fascinating discussion on the forum, asking whether oral sex is an act of submission. I argue furiously against that, but if we assume that most men would prefer a good blowjob to almost anything else, I’d say I definitely put my partner’s preferences first. But it’s also my preference, so make up your own mind. As for how far I’d go… how deep will he fit?

Question: Do you have any fantasies that you would like to fulfill?

Jenny: yes, but I’m not telling you. (Drew Barrymore, Stonehenge, and a Tardis).

Question: Do you feel your sex life has improved with age? if so, how? and is there still room for improvement?

Jenny: Gosh, that’s a hard one. I think back to my college days when sex was more or less on tap, 24-7, and I sometimes feel like I joined a convent the day I left full-time education. But if you’re talking quality over quantity, it’s definitely improved. Room for improvement? Only if they work out a way to stop guys falling asleep once they’ve come a few times.

Question: Do you have any funny stories of has anything strange happened during sex that you would like to share with your readers.

Jenny: I don’t know whether I thought it was funny at the time, but… okay, I don’t have the biggest tits in the world, and they were a lot smaller when I was at college. My bf at the time was desperate to try a tit fuck,and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so I was lying there trying to hold his cock between these two tiny breasts, and he was pounding away… and it wasn’t my fault he didn’t realize he was rubbing himself against my watchband, and actually scraping the skin off the side of his cock. He was hurting for days! And no, he didn’t even want me to kiss it better.

Question: What do you think about solo sex?

Jenny: Take me there!

Question: Threesome, foursome or more, Does the whole group thing turn you on or off? would you share a bed with more than one? if so in what circumstances would it happen?

Jenny: I’ve had a couple of threesomes, and I’d probably not say no, provided it’s with the right two people. It’s fun. But it can also be very frustrating… the biggest problem I have, when you’re with two guys, is they’re so worried about appearing “gay” that they never let go in the way you’d hope they would. Or the way they’d expect two girls to. I’d love to see a guy take a load from another guy; I’d love one guy to eat the other’s come out of my pussy, but the closest they ever got was one on each nipple. I don’t think they even especially enjoyed watching what the other one was doing. If I ever find myself in that situation again, I’ll be setting some very firm ground rules before a single piece of my clothing comes off.

Question: What are your favourite; and least favourite positions?

Jenny: Favorite – do you even need to ask? Least favorite – not too crazy about doggy, and missionary usually ends up squashing me. I’m a little girl, after all.

Question: Anal sex, Turn on or turn off?

Jenny: Off off off.

Question: Do you believe in one night stands?

Jenny: Not as much as I used to, there seems to be a lot more single creeps running around these days. There was a time when I could usually rely on meeting someone when I went out, whether I wound up in bed with them or not. These days I spend more time ducking guys and pretending I’m deaf. And tell me, when did male personal hygiene become something to be avoided at all costs? “Hi, you’re cute. Call me when you’ve showered.”

Question: What makes you feel sexy? what would you do to look sexier for your partner?

Jenny: [hastily looking at how other women have answered that question…] I don’t know. A warm evening, a tight T-shirt, knowing I found the right shade of lipstick, silly things like that, and then running into someone who actually seems to appreciate them. But I don’t know that I’ve ever set out to look “sexier” for my partner. I’d probably get it wrong, anyway. “But honey, I thought you said you liked Hilary Clinton?”

Question: What makes someone sexy to you?

Jenny: Somebody who really doesn’t seem to be aware that they even could look or be sexy. A guy up early in the morning, walking his dogs before work. Someone who steps out of the rain when I’m outside having a cigarette, asks me for a light and lets me share his umbrella. Have you heard that song “Bus Stop” by the Hollies? A total turn on. A whole bunch of stupid things that I could never quantify. “Love Is The Drug” by Roxy Music. If you make a loop of that riff, I could fuck all night.

Question Dressed or undressed? what inspires you the most? revealing with the promise of something? or naked with nothing left to the imagination?

Jenny: Dressed, but maybe not so loosely that you can’t see the effect that you’re having on them. I like to watch the bulge form in inappropriate surroundings… a restaurant, an art gallery, a bus stop… and then spend my time thinking how much fun it would be to relieve it.

Question: What is a major turn on for you during sex?

Jenny: That first breath of an unwrapped cock… the first glimpse, the first taste, and everything that follows on from there.

Question: What is a major turn off for you during sex?

Jenny: “Hey babe, I wanna choke you with my ten inch candy-cane.” I love dirty talk, but when it gets into boasting, threats and absurd exaggerations, I’m out of there.

Question: Sex-talk. Do you like or dislike talking during sex?

Jenny: ha, see above! But I do enjoy it, knowing how good something feels, or how he wants you to feel… whispered suggestions and ideas, a murmur to make you change your focus, that sort of thing. I wouldn’t want non-stop chatter, of course, but a few lines of encouragement and enjoyment? Wonderful.

Question: In bed or on the kitchen table?

Jenny: On the stairs, in the armchair, in the bath… anywhere. If it feels right and you’re not going to break anything, it’s fair game.

Question: Have you ever had sex in a public place? where is the most interesting place you have had sex? would you like to try sex in public?

Jenny: I’ve been known to fall to my knees in the occasional alleyway… oh, and I almost lost my virginity at an Iggy Pop concert, except we couldn’t get the angle right, so I jerked him off instead. There was about a thousand people there, so that was pretty public. I blew a bf on a bus as well, but it was late, and there was no-one else around, plus I had his coat over me at the time.

Question: What is your favourite or most memorable moment in bed?

Jenny: at the risk of sounding really soppy, I try to collect at least one special memory every time. It comes down to making the most of what’s available – again, ‘One Magic Moment’. springs to mind.

Question: Do you notice any differences between the “younger” writers on here, and between the “older writers” of this site?

Jenny: Well, I still consider myself one of the younger writers, and I’m still very much learning my “trade” – so I’d say the older writers’ work is much more assured and confident. I’m sure it happens, but you really can’t imagine them sitting staring at a piece of paper, wondering what to do with the three words they’ve just written down. Whereas I’ll rush home having thought up a killer couplet while walking back from the store, write it down and then – zippo.

Question: what is more important to you? a good story with a little sex? a story full of sex with almost no story? or a mixture of both?

Jenny: The sex isn’t as important as the emotional punch. For example, Kristen S posted a story recently called ‘Not Moving A Muscle’. which revolved around her lying in a strange bed, alone, thinking and wondering, and it was incredibly powerful. Another writer I’ve really been enjoying is Thirsty Clit, who also keeps the explicit sex to a minimum, but is so erotic it’s untrue. Plus she has a great photo on her profile.

Question: What Category of stories do you mostly read? Why? Is there a category of story that you would like to see more of on this site?

Jenny: I don’t know if there’s a new category, but I would like to see more writers breaking out of the straightforward story format… more explicit verse and poetry would be nice, provided it’s done well; imaginary screenplays, comic books, there’s so many different forms that good erotic writing can take, I’d love to see people exploring them. is such an amazing site, because it is open to all manner of expression. People should be taking advantage of that, because there are plenty of other sites out there that won’t allow any kind of deviation from what they consider the literary norm. For example, I’ve looked at various so-called erotic poetry sites, and while it’s probably “better” than mine in a technical sense, I can rarely bring myself to read to the end of even the shortest ones. I mean, I really don’t care if her unfolding lotus is the peach queen of orchids. I want to know how hard you fucked her. Sorry, but it’s true.

Question: Pet hates, is there any particular traits that annoy you when reading stories? what do you enjoy about other stories? is there any way that writers can improve their stories on this site?

Jenny: I’ve already touched upon this, but I really dislike those stories where it’s just a collection of sexual positions interspersed with a few groans and demands. “She sucked my cock. ‘Mmmm babe, do it harder,’ I told her. ‘Mmmm,’ she said and swallowed my load.” To be honest, it’s hard for me to answer this, because I don’t write stories, so who am I to criticize people that do? But there’s an obvious gap between a well written story and a badly written one, and writers should make more of an effort to bridge it. Then there’s the usual complaint about people refusing to punctuate properly, or run their story through the spell-check before posting. I love the fact that this site is open to absolutely everybody, irrespective of whether they’re a “real” writer or not, and that there isn’t some all-powerful editor going through everything with a thick red pen. But at the same time, if a story is worth writing and posting, shouldn’t it also be worth reading?

Question: Do you have any advice or tips on writing that you wish to share with any budding authors?

Jenny: As a budding author myself, I wouldn’t dare! Unless you want to reread my last answer! Just be true to yourself and honest to your readers. Write about what you know about, but make sure you care about it as well. You can get away with an awful lot in erotic writing, but one thing you cannot hide is ignorance.

Question: You are #39 on the “Top 100 favourite authors” list. How does it feel to know that 142 people have marked you as one of their favourite authors.

Jenny: Absolutely astonished! I really didn’t think I’d ever find more than a handful of people who liked what I wrote, especially bearing in mind the vehemence of some of the early hate mail I received. What I especially love is that a lot of those people have become regular correspondents, dropping me a line when I post a new verse, and giving me so much encouragement and love. And I just hope that I never let them down.

Question: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview and your fans? Now is your chance…


There once was a writer named Jen

Who hoped that each verse was a gem

Because that was the point!

To not disappoint

Her fans, be they women or men.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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