What I Did On My Summer Vacation

What I Did
original publication, March 2007, Mardi Gras Publishing (out of print)

e-book HERE

Everybody says you should never mix business with pleasure. But my vacation had already been squeezed in between a couple of work assignments, and I was a single girl in a foreign country. What did I expect might happen?

What I Did On My Summer Vacation is a non-stop whirl of sight-seeing and sex, historic England seen from angles that the tourist guides never mention. And you wouldn’t believe my holiday snaps!

TCM REVIEWS:  Breathtaking, breathless and brilliantly brazen, What I Did On My Summer Vacation is a vacation in its own right, 49 terrifically paced pages that set out their erotic agenda from the very outset (“if this is how they treat you in First Class, imagine what happens in Coach”), and are over far too quickly.

A New York businesswoman travels to the UK for two weeks of meetings, interspersed with some sightseeing around the Dickensian city of Rochester.

But it is what happens in and around those intentions that powers her story, and the sense that Dickens himself is overlooking and, in some way, approving of her activities adds a wry humor that is as captivating as it is arousing.

So we shift from the bedroom to the riverbank, from the top of an historic monument to the floor of a restaurant restroom (and let’s not forget the photographer’s studio at the end), and every encounter is presented with a vividness that is almost cinematic in delivery and execution.

It would be easy for this catalog of carnality to slip into either crudity or, even worse, repetition. But author Bentley, a veteran short story writer stepping into the longer form for the first time, maneuvers effortlessly around such pitfalls, both via the fluidity of her writing and the strength of her characterizations.

With only a few lines of description, her partners leap fully formed from the page, while their activities are detailed with both experienced expertise and the thrill of discovery. Her first encounter with a naked Englishman, for example, is laugh-out-loud priceless.

With just five chapters, What I Did On My Summer Vacation is as powerful, and certainly as incident-packed, as many books twice, three times its length. It certainly confirms Bentley’s place among today’s most exquisitely (and explicitly!) readable erotic authors, and leaves one yearning for her to turn her hand to a novel-length work.

What I Did On My
second edition published September 2009. Out of print.

COFFEE TIME ROMANCE: Chrissie is a woman who is taking a summer working vacation to England.

She meets Melissa and Martin, with a few other people along the way. She is thrilled to finally get to see the places her favorite author wrote about.

Melissa works in the same office as Chrissie and is happy to finally have some off. She helps her find her way to the hotel and around town. When a night out includes them getting to know one another. Martin is a local hard working man who gives Chrissie a tour of the small scenic village she visits briefly and gives her special privileges.

Chrissie has a great time enjoying herself in Europe, not only does she get to see places she dreamed about visiting, she gets to have some fun with Melissa and Martin, what a great vacation this turned out to be. Only one problem, How to write her report on what she did on her summer vacation!

What I Did On My Summer Vacation is a wonderful erotic contemporary. It is full of scenic views that make the reader feel like they are there, experiencing it for themselves. The secondary characters add to the plot backdrop and give the story depth. The book is full of adventure, and the sex sizzles. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good erotic/contemporary story.

e-book edition, published October 2017

RRT REVIEWS: England – Present Day

When Chrissie Bentley gets the opportunity to head over to England on business, she decides to add a little pleasure to the mix with a mini-vacation between conferences. Work soon becomes the least of her interests though when there are so many other sights and people to enjoy. What did Chrissie do on her summer vacation? Or better yet, who did she do?

An irreverent account of an erotic vacation, WHAT I DID ON MY SUMMER VACATION is a charming throwback to the first school assignments of our youth, with a decidedly adult flavor. Chrissie is an adventurous woman willing to try anything at least once. Check this out and see for yourself how her vacation went.

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