Shameful Thrills: Girls Who Should Know Better

Shameful_Thrills 2 Shameful_Thrills.325x465My short story “Love Bites: is included in the collection Shameful Thrills: Girls Who Should Know Better (Mischief Books).

Some temptations are just too great to resist. Original stories by Janine Ashbless, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Primula Bond, Penny Birch and many others.

An explicit erotica collection to raise the game, the heat and the stakes of female misbehaviour.

It girl, Juliette, attends a card game, and learns her virtue is at stake …

When fine art tutor, Caro, agrees to pose nude for her students, she never anticipated her disrobing would be so revealing …

At a desert auction, total ownership of Toni is the star attraction …

Buy it here

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