This is where I intended letting you know you could buy The Social History of Fellatio for your kindle device.

UNFORTUNATELY… that will not be happening, as the following e-mail makes clear.


It has come to our attention that you have submitted content through your account which violates our Content Guidelines. Our guidelines state that we do not accept pornography and hardcore material that depict graphic sexual acts.

Here is an example of a book that you submitted through your KDP account that falls into this category:

The Social History of Fellatio by Bentley, Chrissie (AUTHOR) (ID: 7097156)

As a result, we have temporarily suspended your ability to publish or change the books in your account.”

And so on.

Say what you will about Amazon… and a lot of accusations have been made against them over the years… Your morals are safe in their hands.






Metal_deep_black.jpg_2Chrissie Bentley – a brief biography

Chrissie Bentley is the author of a dozen novels and collections, including The Nympho Librarian—described by the Paris Review as a book that leads “library sex fantasy [into] an apocalyptic period”; Tonight at 8, a semi-fictional account of the late 1960s London porn industry acclaimed as “the closest we’ll ever get to the truth” by vintage-erotica-forum.com; Miss America: A BDSM Vampire Tale; and The Girl in the Doorway, a captivating examination of life and sex among America’s urban homeless.

Chrissie’s short fiction has appeared in almost forty anthologies, published by Mischief Books, Cleis Press, XCite Books, Mojocastle Press, Black Lace and many more; in addition, she has contributed to such leading collections as the genre-defining Best Women’s Erotica, and titles edited by Violet Blue, Rachel Kramer Bussel and more.  Chrissie herself was editor of XCite Book’s oral sex anthology The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss.

Chrissie lives in the wildest wilds of the Delmarva Peninsula, with three cats, a vintage gramophone collection and a serious case of Anglophilia.

Her latest book, The Social History of Fellatio – An A-Z of FAQs, is out now.

Chrissie Bentley – An Angel with a Mind like a Sewer

by Terry – the not-a-computer-geek

What is there to say about Chrissie Bentley that hasn’t already been said?  Or, at least, scrawled on a rest room wall somewhere between this coast and that one, and in a few more exotic overseas locales as well?

Introductions.   Although most of her friends and readers know her as Chrissie Bentley, she started (and continues) her fiction-writing career under the name of Naughty Miranda.  That was way back on 13 September 2004, when the short story “And So It Begins” appeared at EroticStories.com – exactly a year and one week after the first in what she describes as a “horribly unconvincing” string of nine stories appeared under an inexplicably-adopted male pseudonym.

“And So It Begins” was well-titled.  Other tales quickly followed and, on 30 September 2004, the first of her Ambrose Horne detective adventures, “A Man Of Letters,” was published under the pseudonym Sir Arthur Coital-Drill.  And three months after that, a correspondent for the respected philatelic journal Linn’s Stamp News had a letter published recommending another Ambrose story, “The Congealed Conundrum,” to the stamp collecting community, on the strength of its philatelic content!

As Chrissie says, “All those years I spent offering to help my dad stick his stamps into their album (he never agreed – I think my glue brush frightened him off) had obviously made an impact.”

Many of her earliest tales also found their way to EroticStories,  so we probably don’t need to elaborate on what sort of stories they are.  Suffice to say, after ten years, Chrissie has established herself as a seemingly permanent Top 5 fixture in the site’s favorite authors list, while her prolific story-telling output is matched by her equally prodigious pursuit of interviewing her fellow EroticStories authors.  And also her role as one of the site’s Agony Aunts.

Until very very recently, Chrissie admitted to being in her late-30s, which means (she once wrote) “I’ve been enjoying and experiencing a very varied sex life for at least half of my time on this planet. Read a few of my stories, and you’ll quickly find out what I especially enjoy. But you’ll also discover that my tastes and exploits go as far as you like, including multiple partners, lesbian, BDSM and a lot more. Plus, I have kept a diary about my sexual activities since they began, so you will know that (almost) everything you read is true.”

That’s a lot of truth.  Or a lot of activity.  Chrissie has published stories, articles and reviews across the net, including Sexis MagazineEden Fantasys, Literotica, xxxReplay, the Lusty Library, Yergus Novels, SMUT Magazine, Erika Lust’s Xobsessions, Ruthie’s Club and many more.

You’ll also come across her (and I’m sure she won’t complain) courtesy of a groaning shelf’s worth of anthologies, published both on paper and electronically.  Too many to list here (hit the Inside The Library tab for the full monty), but her work has been included in Best Women’s Erotica, and volumes edited by such superstars of literary erotica as Adam Neville, Violet Blue, Rachel Kramer Bussel, and more.  In the realms of non-fiction, Chrissie contributed a very readable introduction to pop culture maven Dave Thompson’s Black and White and Blue study of XXX history, and revealed herself to be an ardent collector of vintage stag films as well, a passion that is writ all over her own contribution to that particular field, the semi-fictional Tonight At 8.

Of course, she has also written an impressive number of erotic novels and collections, including the best-selling Nympho Librarian; a no-holds-barred disciplinary thriller Miss America: A BDSM Vampire Tale; the memoirs of a television superstar and Prime Time Nympho; the supernatural historical novel, Below Blue London; two volumes of What I Did On My Summer Vacation; and three volumes relating the exploits of the erotic detective Ambrose Horne.  Details, again, Inside The Library.

What else?

Well, as you range across this website, you’ll find a collection of the interviews to which she has submitted (willingly, of course) over the years.  There’s an opportunity to see all the amazing illustrations that accompanied Chrissie’s writings for the late and so-lamented Ruthies Club website.  And the wryly titled Clit-erion Collection, which rounds up some (most?) of Chrissie’s movie reviews from sundry sites across the years.

Plus, if all of that is not enough, you’ll even get to meet Chrissie’s alter-ego, the poet-who-isn’t-a-poet, Jenny Swallows.

Which leaves just two questions unanswered.

#1: Why didn’t she write this herself? (“Because I’m too busy working on a new story,” she just texted back)

and #2: Are all these stories actually true?

Well, apparently I’ll be able to vouch for one of them, at least….  Or so she just informed me.  There’s a selection of short stories to be found here, as well.

Enjoy your stay!